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Tooth Extractions Louisville, KY

There are several reasons a tooth made need to be extracted. It could be due to periodontal disease, being broken beyond repair, decay or because its placement in the mouth is causing other issues. Typically, when a tooth is removed, it needs to have a prosthetic put in its place. This is because the tooth was preventing your other teeth from moving or changing. In order to protect your other teeth, it is important to replace a missing tooth in most cases. The team at Advanced Dental Solutions will be glad to review tooth replacement options if you find yourself in need of an extraction!

The Extraction Process

Depending on your situation, the tooth removal process could change. We offer sedation dentistry if you need to be sedated during the removal. Typically, numbing the area around the tooth is all that is necessary. You shouldn’t feel pain during the removal, but you will feel pressure. Our team will give you everything you need and instructions on how to manage any pain from the extraction after the numbness wears off.

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