Full-Mouth Implant Reconstruction

Full-mouth implant reconstruction refers to the process of completely restoring every tooth in your mouth. Full-mouth implant reconstruction is needed when teeth are worn, fractured, lost or unstable. While this process typically leads to positive aesthetic changes, it is designed to restore the mouth and teeth to help you eat, smile and speak comfortably. We will develop a personalized comprehensive treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

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What can you expect from treatment?
Short answer: You’ll never be without a smile.

While treatment plans vary from patient to patient based on individual needs and preferences, here is a general summary of what you can expect when undergoing a full-mouth restoration.

  1. At your first visit, we will provide a consultation that includes a thorough evaluation of your mouth that includes CAT scans, photographic analysis and digital intraoral scan. We’ll provide multiple treatment options, along with the associated costs, so you can make an informed decision that works best for you.
  2. Once a treatment plan is accepted, we’ll schedule surgery to address any bone and gum problems. We will also place your dental implant foundations. You’ll leave surgery the same day with a new set of fully functioning temporary teeth, similar to your final implants, to use while you heal from your procedure.
  3. Once your mouth heals, approximately four months after surgery, your permanent teeth are attached to the implants. Say hello to your brand new smile!

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